Silver EcoCommunity

Cohousing at Esperanza Hills

One of the housing clusters at Esperanza Hills has been set aside for cohousing. If you're not familiar with this form of cooperative community, the Cohousing Association has an overview of the concept. The rest of this page describes a local organization that is organizing a cohousing community for Esperanza Hills.

Who We Are

We are a group of Silver City residents committed to creating a new model of community living. We have chosen a site at the Esperanza Hill project, about half a mile southeast of downtown. It is accessed from Mountain View Road off Highway 180. The site has good southern exposure and is adjacent to a riparian area.

Our discussions are in the early stages and we invite any interested individuals to join us. We especially would like to invite families with children.

From our preliminary study of new housing models, we realize this is a multi-year effort. Having a site chosen early helps us reduce organization time, and finding enthusiastic new members will also help.

Our Values and Vision

We are dedicated to creating a caring neighborhood community that values the earth and supports humans living in sync with nature. We are planning a housing cluster that will support both community and nature. These are some values that define the type of community and housing we envision:

We would use “green” building techniques, such as adobe, strawbale, papercrete, etc. The specific material is not decided. We would use the best energy saving methodology we can afford. We also plan designs that recycle all water used on, running onto, or falling on the area.

This may include a common outdoor watering system, a common heating system and paths for walking or bicycling to town. We are also considering a common workshop and laundry area, and even shared vehicles.

There could be several sizes of independent living spaces, and all will be gathered around a cohousing-style common house for meetings, meals, social gatherings, and classes. There will also be common guest rooms, children's play areas, and a meditation garden.

This could include a large common vegetable garden and a fruit and nut orchard (irrigated with catchment and/or grey water). We want to produce as much food as possible, using organic and permaculture methods.

The living spaces will be arranged to create a sense of community so that we can watch over each others' children and households, while also allowing private areas. The community will be managed with cooperative groupwork that encourages consensus and mediates conflict respectfully.

We believe that the healthiest communities are intergenerational. We will provide a balance of busy family spaces and quiet senior spaces.

We will keep building costs down and consider alternative financing so that people of many income levels can afford to share our village.

We have located this village in Silver City so that we can use the town's cultural and financial resources and contribute to its vitality.

If this sounds like the kind of community you might be interested in, please email